How To Create Cpanel

How To Create Cpanel

Before moving on forward first we should know, what is WHM?

WHM (Web Host Manager) it is a powerful program, that allows you to access your website through cPanel. WHM provides more control and flexibility managing both a few websites, or large number of sites. More important feature of WHM is the ability to create different individual cPanel accounts.

If you want to create your own hosting accounts, these are steps you need follow:

1. First you have to Log into your WHM
2. In the left menu under “Account Functions”, click “Create a New Account”
3. Fill details of the new account. Here is some brief outline and points of the settings you have to submit

Domain Information

Enter your main domain name on the account, set cPanel username and password for WHM, and then enter the email address you want to associate with the account.


WHM allows creating packages, and makes it easier to manage your cPanel.

For Example, if you have “Power Plan” package like In Motion Hosting offers. Then in this package you can set limits to the number of add-on domains in your account. But if you don’t have this packages set, select the “Select Options Manually” option and set those limitations now.


Choose the cPanel theme to assign the user and select the language according to the user.

  • Reseller Settings
  • Having the access to create a cPanel account, means having reseller permissions. Here is the time if you want this new account you’re creating to have WHM access and be able to create accounts themselves.

  • DNS Settings
  • You now have to decide how the domain’s name servers should be configured on the server. If the name servers specified for this domain name are going to be on another server, choose the option “Use the name servers specified at the Domain’s Registrar”

    Mail Routing Settings

    Decide how the server handles email for this specific domain. For example, should it attempt to deliver the email locally or should it look at the external MX records and decide? It’s recommended to use “Automatically Detect Configuration” if you’re not sure about this setting.

    So These are the configurations guidelines you have to follow to create cPanel through WHM

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