Whoa ! The Amazing Tool For Every Need.

Whoa ! The Amazing Tool For Every Need.

Even though if you’re not aware of this amazing WhatsApp upgrade that many of us missed or if we know about it. We don’t know what are the amazing things we can do with these services of WhatsApp.

Being a tech geek, well, boasting a little isn’t so bad :p

Acha! Let me tell you what is the main objective of writing this blog, we all are very addictive to WhatsApp these days and our work gets so much easier with this fucking addictive app.

But it’ll be much more easier with the service “”

Whether, It’s transfer of images, documents or having conversations without touching your phone. (Because Boss knows when you use your phone) This service is really amazing & Incredibly easy to use. All you need to do is:

Open in your browser like this:

Web Whatsapp 1 Coupsteer |

Now, open WhatsApp on your phone. Just for once.

Touch the 3 dots on top right corner. Click on Whatsapp Web. The second you select WhatsApp Web, it’ll ask you to use camera, allow it. (It won’t take selfies :p )

Web Whatsapp 2 Coupsteer |

Now scan the barcode open in your browser.

See you’re genius now. Yes! You’re…

This is a magic wand and here are some magic spells that I’m going to teach you now.

When you successfully scanned the QR code from your phone. PC screen will display the following screen and will look like this.

Web Whatsapp 3 Coupsteer |

Web Whatsapp 4 Coupsteer |

Now you can chat with anyone you want without touching your phone, you can share pictures from your PC and vice-versa. And you can even share music, docs, videos, contacts and can directly download pictures from your phone to your PC. Amazing isn’t it?

Do share your views, so that I can share many more things with you. Do let me know if I missed something. ?

Warning! Warning! Warning! Don’t let your boss sees it & make sure you are using incognito!

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