Digital Zindagi

Digital Zindagi

Fasten your seatbelts please we are about to Take off.

Let’s start so Social media is like a growing child and everyone want to Encash this. As we all know ki “market m e kya chal raha hai”, No I am not talking about FOGG here but I am talking about the Digital Yug yeah and being a Modi bhakt that’s what people say; and how can I forget to mention this thing here that even our prime minister is working hard by taking this initiative which takes India to the next level which is Digital India.

And now let’s talk about that thing “Market me to Fogg Chal raha hai” did you know that this was nothing but a great concept to sell an ordinary thing. They know that they are not alone in this market, who are selling that particular category product so what they did is they just worked on a concept which Is quite Ordinary but unused. And especially in INDIA things like this work easily. It is all about marketing the Idea right.. Making it VIRAL!

We as the Marketeers what we do here actually? There are various tasks which a Marketeer do when it comes to Digital Marketing, a job of a Marketeer is not everyone’s cup of Tea, it needs some qualities let’s get a close view of that.

A Digital Marketeer should be Flexible to change as the digital marketing world moves at a frightening speed with new updates and changes taking place daily. If you are slow and not comfortable with the changes, dude seriously this thing is surely not for you. We do business here and there is no place here for a person who can’t go with a flow. So you should be flexible to change if you really want to be in the industry, you know what I like about Twitter it show us the latest Trending things and the best thing about Trends is it keep on changing and so the world is so you have to be fast enough to match the level of others.

The Hunger to learn is the most important thing which a Marketer should have. According to me no one and I mean it, not a single person on this earth can be sure that he know everything about Digital Marketing because it’s not even possible but if any one claim that he/she can do than make sure he is human or “Insaan ke bhesh mein Alien” because as the things are keeps on changing everyday sorry twice in day or thrice or… then how can someone be so sure that he know everything? So whosoever is interested in this field please make sure that you will learn every day a new thing and never can be sure that you know everything unless you are not God or some alien.

The other thing coming into my mind which should also be kept in mind while working is it’s a Drive to team play we all know it’s not a job of one single person it’s a team who works hard in front of computer screen with no other thoughts in mind the only thing they know is work. So if you are a person who doesn’t like to interact with people and who think I can do anything and others are nothing but morons than I am sorry to say you will be treated here like a shit only.

And yeah we are here to work so we have to take care of one thing even we already have lot burden of deadlines and urgent works, oh sorry I forgot to introduce a new term mostly used in Digital world is we don’t work here we do “urgent work” most of our work is on urgent basis we don’t do anything which is not urgent. we talked about the fast changing and flexible to change kind of behavior it suits here very well everything changes so fast in digital marketing so we have to work fast to match that. And after all these things happens to you and even then you are smiling then my brother I WELCOME you in the one of its kind digital world because you are a Digital Marketeer.

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