Micro Content- The New Era Of Minimal Words

Micro Content- The New Era Of Minimal Words

“Micro content needs to be pearls of clarity: you get 40-60 characters to explain your micro content.

Unless the title or subject make it absolutely clear what the page or email is about, users will never open it.” – says Nielsen Norman
bMicro Content is not just in, it is revolutionary.. Because you don’t need heavy words, formal expertise in language or any other form of burden some LONG terminologies. All you need to do is keep it simple, clear which a layman can understand.
And leave the rest to the imagination of your reader! It should make them ponder, linger a little longer in his head than those long boring blogs, lengthy articles and yawn filled essays.

Time is money, you can’t demand it without paying for it, why not squeeze your content & fill the spaces , those tiny windows we get on Social media & use them as opportunities!

But mind you, it isn’t any easy. If you need a mammoth of researches, documents etc to come up with one good Travel or Personal blog, technical blogs, DIYs or articles. For Micro content all you need is intense incubation, brainstorming & chasing wild ideas.

Did you read anything written above? Yes it lacks pictures, colors and all that jazz.
On top of it, there are so many words, so much content. The age is of concise, short and crisp information. The kind of information which you read in seconds while you are scrolling down with the speed of light. Welcome to your ADDICTION TO MICRO CONTENT!

Digital media today, is a time and value consuming device. We need stress busters like Short stories, Trivias, Tips and Mind manipulators, something that can be easily digested. Stuff which we read, take a snapshot of and share on all platforms known to humans, the very second.

So here are some Tips and Tricks from the world of Micro content.


We read and share Life hacks. Those are small and utterly helpful solutions to our hopeless yet big problems that we face in our day to day lives. We read, we share and we learn little hacks for enormous unnoticed problems.


Every third image we scroll is an image giving out tips. Tips for life, tips to get sorted in a relationship, Tips for the workplace, Tips to get out of tricky situations. Tips to not get tripping over a boring page of content.


A trivia is generally a piece of useful information. A trivia could be anything from a political statement to a faux pas. It could be something as unuseful as a tail to a human or as funny as Russell our own Peters.


A one or two liner piece of content on spirituality, religion or life does the trick. We like reading on inspirational stuff, they motivate us for a second, don’t they? They subconsciously enter our mind through the digital waves of technology.

Add Life and Colors:

Right after the invention of Color Television, we now know the emphasis of colors in our life of digital media. Give birth to Ideas and concepts which gives it a life of its own. Sometimes one picture can say everything which a book full of words can’t.

Satirical :

A one or two liner, which brightens up our moods and hence the entire day. A one liner with a picture attached to it, which directly punches our sense of humour.
So readers, keep it simple and keep it original, or else you’ll end up with all that everything swag. Dammit!

“It needs to provide something which answers a question, solves a problem or communicates an idea in a way that no other content does. Make it absolutely clear what is great about that micro content, or users will never share it.”

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